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Metabo 18Vx2 230mm Angle Grinder 7.0Ah Kit (WPB 36-18 LTX 230)
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    Metabo 18Vx2 230mm Angle Grinder 7.0Ah Kit (WPB 36-18 LTX 230)

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    • Compact light-weight with ergonomically designed carry handles, ideal for mobile use
    • Sliding function for wide work pieces.
    • For sawing wood, coated panels and slats
    • Saw head lock and cable winder for safe carrying
    • Aluminium die-cast parts for low weight, long service life and precision
    • Fast and precise setting of common angles using stop points
    • Laser for exact display of the cutting line (mains powered, no batteries required)
    • Freely adjustable table extension on both sides with a practical support surface and integrated crosscut fence
    • Integrated work light for illumination of the cutting line (mains powered, no batteries required)
    • Depth stop for easy creation of grooves
    • High sliding rear fence profiles for safe sawing
    • Material clamp for secure fixing of the work piece from the top or front
    • Easy saw blade change by means of spindle lock: No dismantling of the pendulum protective cover required
    • Chip collection bag for clean air at the workplace
    • Dimensions L x W x H: 820 x 543 x 355 mm
    • Maximum cutting width 90°/45°: 305 mm/205 mm
    • Maximum cutting depth at 90°/45°: 65 mm/36 mm
    • Maximum cross-section of the workpiece:
    • - Straight cut 90°/90°: 305 x 65 mm
    • - Double mitre 45°/45°: 205 x 36 mm
    • Turntable setting left/right: 47 °/47 °
    • Saw blade tilt left/right: 45 °/0 °
    • Saw blade: 216 x 30 mm
    • Rated input power: 1,5 kW
    • Idle revolution: 5.000 /min
    • Revolutions at rated load: 3.750 /min
    • Cutting speed: 42 m/s
    • Weight: 14 kg
    • Cable length: 2 m
    Metabo 18v-7.0Ah LiHD Battery


    • LiHD battery packs for ultimate performance and extremely long application with minimal temperature generation
    • Ultra M technology: Intelligent battery management for long-lasting battery packs with a 3 year guarantee
    • Patented "AIR COOLED" charging technology
    • Permanent Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) when charging, for particularly long life.
    • Processor-controlled charge and discharge management
    • Capacity display with almost no self-discharge
    • No memory effect
    • Capacity display with almost no self-discharge
    Battery pack voltage 18 V
    Capacity of battery pack 7 Ah
    Air cooled 1
    Metabo 36V Superfast Charger ASC 30 627047000


    • Monitored charging with microcontroller
    • Battery diagnosis
    • Charge time approximately 30 minutes at 1.5 Ah
    • "AIR COOLED" function
    • For charging all Li-Power Compact, Li-Power Plus, Li-Power Extreme battery packs
    • Monitored charging with microcontroller: the battery pack is charged with 2.5 ampere with constant monitoring of voltage flow, temperature flow and maximum temperature. The charger ends the charging process immediately after full charging. Thus, there is no overcharging and the life of the battery pack increases.
    • Charger switches to compensation charge: to conserve the capacity, the battery pack is charged for 1 second every 45 seconds with 2.5 ampere.
    • "AIR COOLED" function: the patented principle is based on air-cooling the battery pack during the charging process. The battery packs are gently cooled down to the required charging temperature, and then during the charging process are constantly maintained at optimum temperature. With this principle, a higher tool life of the battery packs and up to 30% shorter total charging time can be achieved.
    Voltage 30-36V
    Part No 627047000