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The Milwaukee® WRECKER™ with Carbide Teeth SAWZALL® Blades are the most versatile carbide blade on the market. These multi-material SAWZALL® blades offer up to 50X more life vs. bi-metal reciprocating saw blades. The MILWAUKEE® WRECKER™ Carbide SAWZALL® blades offers a 6 TPI design, which allows for cutting into a wide variety of materials from clean wood to cast iron for quick demolition and remodeling work. The Fang Tip™ Design allows for faster plunge cuts into wood materials. Milwaukee Carbide Teeth products allow you to cut longer, cut more, and cut faster than other carbide teeth blades on the market.

  • 6TPI design for material versatility and fast demolition
  • Fang Tip design for rapid plunge cutting into wood
  • The Wrecker with Carbide teeth provides up to 50x Life of bi-metal blades
  • Ability to cut clean wood to thick metals Large gullets for easier debris removal
  • Optimised carbide teeth designed to encounter materials in demolition and remodelling applications
Blade Length 300 mm
Teeth 6 TPI
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