Milwaukee Starlock 8 Piece Renovation Kit 48906088

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The Milwaukee® STARLOCK™ Multi-Tool Blades are designed for quick blade changes for both OIS Multi-Tools and STARLOCK™ Multi-Tools. The Milwaukee® STARLOCK™ 8Pc Renovation Kit provides you with an assortment of blades for cutting metal, wood with nails PVC and more. The MILWAUKEE® Bi-Metal Metal Multi-Tool Blades designed with a wavy tooth pattern to reduce the strain on the individual teeth of the blade, whilst also featuring an ultra-thin cutting line to provide fast smooth cuts in non-ferrous metal. The 3-in-1 Multi-Cutter blade has been designed to have a special hooked design for easy push and pull cutting, along with a front know cutting edge for cutting and scraping. Our Carbide Grit Blade is ideal for cutting abrasive materials such as brick, cement, and plaster as well as grout removal, or coarse grinding, rasping and aggressive material removal over large surface areas. and then a scraper blade that has a solid stainless steel construction with a sharp ground edge, ideal for quick removal of paints, adhesives, and sealants.

  • Suits both STARLOCK Oscillating Multi-Tools and other OIS Compatible Oscillating Multi-Tools
  • Black Oxide Coating Prevents Rust and Maintains Performance
  • Long Lasting Laser Etching For Quick Identification of Blade and Application
  • Bi-Metal Metal Blades, Ultra Thin Cutting Line For Fast, Smooth, Cuts in Non-Ferrous Metals.
  • Bi-Metal Metal Blades, Alternating Tooth Pattern Ideal For Fast And Smooth Cuts In Nail-Embedded Wood And Other Non-Ferrous Metals.
  • Carbide Grit Rasping Blade, Ideal for coarse grinding, rasping or aggressive material removal over large surface areas
  • Wide Kerf Carbide Grit Blade, Ideal For Cutting Abrasive Materials Including Brick, Cement, and Plaster as well as Grout Removal.