Milwaukee Starlock 11 Piece General Purpose Kit 48906090

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The Milwaukee® STARLOCK™ Multi-Tool Blades are designed for quick blade changes for both OIS Multi-Tools and STARLOCK™ Multi-Tools. The Milwaukee® STARLOCK™ 11Pc General Purpose Kit offers a versatile assortment of blades. The included wood blades are ideal for making cuts in wood, PVC and Drywall. The Japanese Tooth Hardwood blades are designed with precision triple ground Japanese teeth to providing fast, clean and precise cuts in hardwood, wood, drywall and PVC. The Bi-Metal Metal blades were designed with a wavy tooth pattern to reduce the strain on the individual teeth of the blade, whilst also featuring an ultra-thin cutting line to provide fast smooth cuts in non-ferrous metal. While our rigid scraper blade is ideal for quick removal of paints, adhesives, and sealants, whilst being rigid enough to withstand the toughest scraping applications with less wear.


2x 35mm High Carbon Steel Wood Blade
2x 63.5mm High Carbon Steel Wood Blade
1x 63.5mm High Carbon Steel Japanese Tooth Hardwood Blade
2x 28mm Bi-Metal Metal Blade
2x 44mm Bi-Metal Metal Segmented Blade
1x 89mm High Carbon Steel Metal Segmented Blade
1x Rigid Scraper Blade