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HiKOKI 18V 15ga 65mm Finish Nailer (tool only) NT1865DBAL(H4Z)

    HiKOKI 18V 15ga 65mm Finish Nailer (tool only) NT1865DBAL(H4Z)

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    HiKOKI 18V 15ga 65mm Finish Nailer (tool only) NT1865DBAL(H4Z)

    • Combining Cordless & Pneumatic Technology!
    • Unique Air Drive System
    • Compressed Air Chamber
    • Piston / Driver Blade with Rack Design
    • Pin Wheel / Sprocket with Pinion Design
    • Compressed air is used to drive each nail increasing power, performance and driving speed.
    • Lower Running Costs - Cordless Nailers do not require gas cells to drive nails. Therefore the more the tool is used, the more cost-effective it will be!
    • Furthermore, regular cleaning of a combustion chamber is not required which significantly reduces the cost of servicing and down time. Combined with fewer parts to manage results in easier maintenance.
    • Dual Function Trigger - Easily select between full sequential or contact mode at the touch of a button on the operation control panel.
    • Dry-fire Lockout Mechanism - Prevents the nailer from being activated when the remaining nails in the magazine are very low.
    • Integrated Hook and LED
    • Tool-less Release - for clearing jammed nails
    Safety & Comfortability
    • The HiKOKI Cordless Nailer range is safer and more comfortable to use on any jobsite than previous Gas Combustion models by eliminating the following:
    • Unwanted firing by incorporating a trigger lock
    • Loud combustion noise and gas fumes during operation
    • High recoil whilst maintaining enough power to consistently drive nails flush
    • Ongoing monitoring of gas cell expiration dates
    • Excessive waste and landfill of numerous disposable gas cells
    • Correct gas cell storage condition
    Driving System Unique Air Drive
    Nail Length 32 mm to 65 mm
    Driving Speed 3 nails/ sec (intermittent)
    Load Capacity 100 nails
    Firing Mode Full Sequential / Contact (Selectable)
    Dimension: H x L x W
    (with battery)
    344 x 310 x 104 mm
    Weight (with battery) 3.8 kg