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Milwaukee 7-1/4

    Milwaukee 7-1/4" 184mm 60T Ultra Fine Blade 48408730


    Milwaukee 7-1/4" 184mm 60T Ultra Fine Blade 48408730

    • Anti-friction coating is designed to reduce the heat transfer to the blade generated from making a cut. By keeping the blade surface cool, the blades resist getting stuck or slowing down
    • Laser cut technology creates vibration slots that are designed to increase accuracy by reducing wobble and warping. They are filled with a polymer to absorb and negate vibrations.
    • Cobalt infused tungsten carbide teeth are designed to maintain tip sharpness and therefore extend cutting life.
    • Blade tensioning ring is incorporated in larger blade sizes (254 mm +) to increase stability and therefore accuracy.
    • ATB with Raker Pattern is almost the same as ATB (alternative tooth bevel, when the grind of teeth has alternating angles to produce smoother, accurate cut.) but every fifth tooth is a flat top grind, square tooth for more aggressiveness than just ATB
    • Ultra Fine Finish Blades are designed for a high quality finish with minimal cost to cutting speed, but use a high tooth count with ATB tooth pattern to produce the smoothest surface possible.
    Arbor Size 20 mm
    Size 7-1/4" / 184 mm
    Reduction rings included 5/8" and 16 mm
    Teeth 60