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SAWZALL® 230MM 5TPI THE AX™ BLADE (100 PK) 48005026A

    SAWZALL® 230MM 5TPI THE AX™ BLADE (100 PK) 48005026A

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    SAWZALL® The Ax™ blades have been engineered to deliver fast plunge cuts, long life and tooth durability in both wood and nail-embedded wood. The Sawzall™ The Ax™ blade features a NAIL GUARD™ tooth design to prevent nails from fracturing the blade’s teeth upon impact, and an aggressive 5TPI design to deliver fast cuts. While ordinary plunge tooth designs can bounce or skate along the work surface, the FANG TIP™ design bites into the wood on first contact to make the cut virtually effortless. A pair of unique, fang-like teeth and an extra-large gullet deliver plunge cuts with ease. The wood cutting blade has a 1” tall blade body that reduces blade twisting for straighter and more accurate cuts.