Sola Red Chalk Line Reels Set - CLP30SETR

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Sola Red Chalk Line Reels Set CLP30SETR

  • Very lightweight and break-resistant Magnesium housing
  • Convenient line extension: freewheel function by pressing the crank axle
  • 5x faster line retraction through a crank gear drive
  • High colour powder capacity
  • Hardened end hook
  • Integrated storage location for hooks
Item description Marking set
Material Magnesium die-cast
Surface epoxy coated
Colour housing red/black
Belt clip stainless steel
Crank gear ratio 5:1
Material cord Polyester multifilament
Cord length 30 m
Max. Tensile strength (ISO 2062) 234 N (±3 %)
Contents CLP + KPB, CLP + KPR