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Stabila 800mm Digital Angle Finder 19018

    Stabila 800mm Digital Angle Finder 19018

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    Extremely versatile – the TECH 700 DA digital electronic angle finder. A high-quality product made in Germany that perfectly combines three tools: angle finder, spirit level and bevel gauge. Calculate exact angles with the latest electronic measuring technology. Level components accurately with the high-quality vials. Using the locking mechanism, you can use the tool as a bevel gauge and easily transfer the measured angles onto a part. Reap the benefits of this indispensable all-rounder, which performs the work of three different tools, on a daily basis.

    • Electronic angle finder for quickly determining and transferring interior and exterior angles in the range from 0° – 270°.
    • Digital display with large digits and lighting that can be activated and dimmed.
    • LOCK function: locking mechanism for transferring angles reliably.
    • Vials which can be read easily, even when the arm is folded in.
    • Two particularly wide contact edges for accurate and reliable marking of angles in all positions.
    • REF function: allows a reference angle to be accepted, saved and then transferred to other components.
    • HOLD function: saves the measured value – for accurate measurements and quick transferring even in hard-to-see places.
    • Displays the angle bisectors at the touch of a button – ideal for quick and accurate mitre cuts.
    • Switches off automatically if not used for 60 minutes.
    • Precise measuring results with an accuracy of ± 0.1°.
    • Protection class IP 54.
    • Includes bag.
    • Equipment: 1 digital display, 1 horizontal vial, 1 vertical vial, 2 coated measuring surfaces.


    • Especially suitable for joinery – measure and transfer angles, e.g. when installing a kitchen or when aligning other built-in furniture.
    • The ideal helper when laying elaborate tile motifs – transfer angles when cutting the tiles.
    • The perfect partner in wood construction – mark out angles in preparation for mitre cuts.
    • An indispensable tool in metal construction – for measuring, checking or marking angles.


    • Accuracy with electronic angle measurement +/-: 0.10°
    • Measurement accuracy in normal position: 0.50 mm/m
    • Measurement accuracy in reverse position: 0.75 mm/m
    • Protection class: IP 54
    • Number of arms: 2
    • Max. measuring range: 270°
    • Measuring modes: Degrees
    • Operating life: 120 h
    • Length: 800 mm