Milwaukee 18V Li-ion Dual Bay Super Battery Charger M18DBSC

Sale price$348.00

A CHARGE ADAPT LED indicator shows which battery is receiving the most power, streamlining the charging process more efficiently than standard simultaneous chargers. The M18™ Dual Bay Super Charger also includes the COOL-CYCLE feature. Its Active Cooling System minimizes downtime by cooling batteries quickly during the charge cycle. This system is compatible with M18™ batteries equipped with COOL-CYCLE technology. Additionally, the charger incorporates REDLINK™ PLUS Intelligence, which ensures optimal performance by monitoring each battery’s cell voltage, temperature, and charge status.


- Charges up to 6 times faster to 80% compared to standard chargers.
- Quickly charges a M18™ REDLITHIUM™ FORGE™ 6.0Ah Battery to 80% in 15 minutes.
- Dual M18™ ports that are compatible with all M18™ batteries.
- Simultaneously charges two batteries with optimal power distribution.
- Features integrated hang holes for convenient wall mounting.
- COOL-CYCLE Active Cooling System enhances cooling for reduced downtime.
- Economical and efficient, requiring fewer batteries due to enhanced cycle life and rapid charging.


- Charge Rate: Up to 18A
- Charging Capability: Simultaneous with CHARGE ADAPT
- COOL-CYCLE Charging: Yes
- Number of Ports: 2 M18™
- Power Source: AC
- Wall Mountability: Yes
- Dimensions: 368mm x 163mm x 205mm
- Weight: 2.98kg


- Comes with a 2-year warranty provided by Milwaukee.