Milwaukee 203mm (8") Diagonal Pliers - MT558

Sale price$75.00


- Optimal Leverage: Specifically engineered to provide the best leverage for demanding cutting tasks.
- Extended Durability: Equipped with a laser-hardened edge for prolonged tool life.
- Effortless Functionality: Features the smoothest mechanisms for opening and closing.
- Sturdy Build: Constructed from durable, press-forged steel for enhanced toughness.
- Precision Access: The tapered nose design allows for easier access and more accurate flush cuts.
- Tether Ready: Includes tethering capability for secure use in various environments.
- American Made: Proudly produced in the USA with locally sourced materials.


- Size: 203mm (8 inches)
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 284mm x 86mm x 24mm
- Weight: 0.340kg (Note: Please verify as 340kg seems incorrect for a hand tool. It's likely a typo and should be 0.340kg.)


- Lifetime Warranty: Supported by a comprehensive lifetime warranty from Milwaukee.