Milwaukee Adjustable Compact Wire Stripper 48223040

Sale price$38.00


- Accurate Stripping: Ensures precise removal of insulation without damaging the wire.
- Easy Adjustment: Features an easy-adjustment dial for quick setting changes.
- V-Notch Stripping: Designed to strip insulation accurately with a V-notch mechanism.
- High-Contrast Markings: Clear and visible markings facilitate accurate measurements.
- Built-in Wire Cutter: Includes a cutter specifically for trimming copper wires efficiently.
- Versatile Wire Compatibility:
  - Strips 0.50 – 6mm² (10-22 AWG) solid wires.
  - Strips 0.25 – 4mm² (12-24 AWG) stranded wires.
- Loop Holes: Allows for creating wire loops conveniently.


- Type: Adjustable Compact Wire Stripper
- Length: 120mm
- Weight: 0.087 kg


- Limited Lifetime Warranty: Covered by Milwaukee, ensuring durability and reliability.