Milwaukee Compact Knife Sharpener 48221590

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- Offers three sharpening options: coarse, fine, and a fixed honing rod.
- Coarse Carbide: Provides quick edge setting for dull or damaged blades.
- Fine Ceramic: Perfect for refining and smoothing the sharpened edge.
- Fixed Honing Rod: Ideal for precision sharpening of specialty and serrated blades.
- Designed with a secure grip finger loop for enhanced control and safety during use.
- Features high-contrast identification markings for easy recognition.
- Includes a magnet for convenient attachment and storage.


  - Sharpening Styles:
  - Coarse: Best suited for robust sharpening needs, such as restoring carbide blades.
  - Fine: Ideal for gentle sharpening and polishing, typically for ceramic blades.
  - Fixed Honing Rod: Specially designed for maintaining serrated blades.
- Magnetic Feature: Yes, for easy storage.
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 75mm x 170mm x 20mm
- Weight: 0.04 kg


- Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty provided by Milwaukee.