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Milwaukee OPEN-LOK™ 5-IN-1 DRYWALL BLADE 49252281
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    Milwaukee OPEN-LOK™ 5-IN-1 DRYWALL BLADE 49252281

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    The MILWAUKEE® Universal Fit OPEN-LOK™ 5-in-1 Drywall Blade is designed for Oscillating Multi-Tools. This precision laser cut drywall blade delivers a 5-in-1 functionality for all your drywall cutting needs. The leading edge is curved for smooth cuts and is the perfect width while oscillating to match the width of a standard electrical box. There are piercing tips on the sides of the blades to easily puncture into the drywall for clean starts. The back-facing side blade offers the ability for you to make extremely accurate and detailed cuts, such as circles or curves. Notches on the side of the blade offer 2-in-1 functionality for shaving off excess drywall for an exact fit and can also be used in conjunction with the laser etching for a depth guide.