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HIGH OUTPUT. ANY TASK. ANY POSITION. The REDLITHIUM USB Rechargable Stick Light is powered by Milwaukee's REDLITHIUM USB, giving you high output light for any task from any position. The Stick Light features dual lighting panels and a flashlight which provides both area and spotlight capabilities. The REDLITHIUM™ USB Rechargeable Stick Light has 550 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition output, giving you the ability to search, trace or inspect from further away. The LED Stick Light's 220° vertical rotation and magnet base allows you to use the task light hands-free while directing the light exactly where you need it. Maximise brightness or extend runtime with high and low mode options with up to 5 hours of runtime. The flexible light head LED stick light is powered by our REDLITHIUM USB batteries. The batteries can be charged while inside the flashlight via USB-C or swapped out with another REDLITHIUM USB battery for virtually no downtime. The REDLITHIUM USB Rechargable is great for any trade professional looking for the ultimate versatility in a light and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.