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HiKOKI 18V 125mm Circular Saw MultiVolt Set With 2x Blades C18DBL(H4Z)

    HiKOKI 18V 125mm Circular Saw MultiVolt Set With 2x Blades C18DBL(H4Z)

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    HiKOKI 18V 125mm Circular Saw MultiVolt Set With 2x Blades C18DBL(HXZ)


    • Super compact and lightweight centre balance technology offers superior manoeuvrability and significantly reduces operator fatigue plus improving work efficiency
    • Rotation speed change over function: Power mode / Silent mode reduce max motor RPM enabling efficient work with less noise. When the load increases during Silent mode, the tool will automatically switch over to Power mode and revert back to Silent mode when the load decreases. In Power mode, no change is made to Silent mode even when the load decreases
    • Electric brake rapidly stops blade from rotating, increasing user safety
    • Brushless motors provide increased power, performance, durability and longer battery run time per charge to handle bigger workloads with less downtime
    • Electronic switches are more efficient in transferring energy resulting in longer battery and tool life
    • Overload protection cuts off the power to the motor in the event of overloading the motor or a conspicuous reduction in rotational speed during operation. This improves safety for the user plus protects the motor and battery from damage
    • Soft start function increases safety and control by reducing kickback on start up
    • Aluminium alloy die cast base for increased strength
    • Ambidextrous safety switch lever and LED switch are integrated into one switch for increased safety
    Capacity 90° : 47 mm
    45° : 30 mm
    No load speed Power mode: 5,000 (min-1)
    Silent mode: 3,000 (min-1)
    Runtime 500 cuts per charge*
    Blade 125 mm
    Angle cutting 0 - 45°
    Weight 2.5 kg (with battery)
    Dimensions 280 x 168 x 237 mm (with battery)
    36V Multi Volt Battery A Slide Li-Ion (371750) BSL36A18


    • 1,080W High Power Output
    • The MULTI VOLT Lithium-ion battery, paired with MULTI VOLT 36V tools, offers unprecedented cordless power over 1,000W with its size and weight.
    • The MULTI VOLT battery is designed for full compatibility with the current 18V slide range, and automatically changes between 2 voltages, 36V 2.5Ah and 18V 5.0Ah, according to the tool used.
    • *Compatible with MULTI VOLT 36V tools only.
    • Remaining Battery Indicator - Displays the charging state in four stages.
    • Compact & Lightweight - The MULTI VOLT battery has almost the same size and weight of a 18V battery, and produces the power of a 36V.
    Voltage & Capacity 36V 2.5Ah and 18V 5.0Ah
    Cooling System Yes
    Dimensions 116 x 69 x 76 mm
    Charging Time Approx. 32 mins (with UC18YSL3)
    Compatible Products All existing 18V slide-type tools
    MULTI VOLT 36V tools
    Compatible Chargers All chargers compatible with slide-type Lithium-ion batteries
    Hitachi 14.4 - 18V Li-Ion Rapid Cooling Charger with USB Port UC18YSL3


    • Cooling feature helps cool battery during charging or before charging commences to prevent battery overheating ensuring extended battery life
    • Preventative mechanism against charging a hot battery to extend battery life
    • 3 way overcharge protection system to ensure battery is not overcharged
    • Two colour indicator light to indicate what stage of charging the battery is in