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High-performance output in any direction The REDLITHIUM USB Folding Flood Light is powered by REDLITHIUM USB and delivers maximum performance output in any direction. The compact floodlight offers 550 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition output. The light head's 210° of rotation allows you to direct high output light to any work surface. A wide, magnetic base allows you to position the REDLITHIUM USB Folding Flood Light on common work surfaces or to mount it to metal for hands-free task lighting. Its collapsible design fits into pockets and a built-in carabiner gives you the ability to clip it to tool organisers or straps for easy transport. Three different output modes allow you to optimise your light output and runtime and get up to 11 hours of runtime. You can charge REDLITHIUM USB batteries via Mirco USB while they are inside the light or swap it out with another REDLITHIUM USB battery for virtually no downtime. Our REDLITHIUM USB Folding Flood Light is great for any trade professional and covered by a limited lifetime warranty.